Group Neurofeedback: What would it cost to pay you . . .?

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Group Neurofeedback: What would it cost to pay you . . .?

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Please Indicate: Feasibility and Cost of Development.

Developers: Please respond with your questions or comments and a realistic price that you would ask in order to develop a prototype of the following shared feedback concept for OpenVibe - Initial estimates are at $2,000 - $3,000.

One of the key developments in Neurofeedback will consist in a strategic mobilization of resources that will result in hardware, software, and digital networks that are designed explicitly for the purposes of group neurofeedback. Creating digital networks that link neurofeedback practitioners with a group-feedback hub will promote empathic resonance between participants and encourage a more complex synchrony objective.

The project would bring communities of practice together through a virtual network of (any) neurofeedback users in order to enhance (long-distance/international) group training, but the possibility has only recently emerged. The high-level of combined processing power available through personal computers and the Cloud has only recently become available, so the idea has only become technically feasible within the past 2- 3 years, and a nascent form may naturally emerge within the next 10 years.

A virtual network of shared neurofeedback practitioners would group themselves according to their unique training interests, but the initial design would focus upon [1] Alpha production for individuals and [2] Alpha Coherence for Groups. That is, two forms of feedback must be supplied:

Target alpha production in the [1] individual and [2] coherence with a dyad, triad, or larger group.

Group Feedback for a Single Channel device (Cz, Oz, etc.)

Dyad (2)

Triad (3)

Group (6)

Shared neurofeedback would occur across private or public networks.

Thank you.

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