driver for nasan neurowin.

Making & changing hardware drivers in Acquisition Server
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driver for nasan neurowin.

Post by ramjeesaradi »

I've been trying to use open vibe with the "nasan neurowin", apparently none of the available drivers show any compatibility for the device but the openEEG driver seemed to have connected but the server doesn't play the device. The device is connected via serial port. there is a software provided by which only lets us view he raw EEG data in frames.
having read other posts related to drivers I've learnt that drivers can be built for the device. Can you please help us to build a driver for this device. and the manufacturer has not provided any further details about the equipment. please kindly hint us on how to build drivers.

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Re: driver for nasan neurowin.

Post by lbonnet »

Hi ramjeesaradi,

Indeed, we don't have any nasan neurowin driver for openvibe.

Please go in the developer documentation section of the website. This tutorial may help.

Basically, you will need to know how to communicate with the amplifier, using the documentation and help of the manufacturer.
If the EEG data can be accessed, then you can build a driver for openvibe : initialize the device, get the sample, send them to openvibe. That's the main idea ;)

hope this helps,

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