build scripts

Making & changing hardware drivers in Acquisition Server
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build scripts

Post by cybin »

Finally, I'm in a position where I can make a serious effort to get my own acquisition server up and running. Since my initial install went so smooth, understand were talking ice on teflon here, I must say well done!!! Absolutely brilliant install scripts!!

Anyway, it occurs to me that as I familiarize myself with this rather imposing mountain of code that there are probably build scripts in place to make the journey a little less difficult.

So, having placed my own acquisition server effort in the same directory as all the others

will running bring me joy? Is this discussed (i.e. compiling code snippits) somewhere?

Presently it's complaining. (ie ./ produces linux-init_env_command: No such file or directory) I think I must have screwed up an environment variable. Where is the environment discussed?

Sorry in advance, I'm probably going to be somewhat of a pest until I "find the grove".

Presently I've no less than four different build environments to deal with so I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

In brief.

After running the acquisition server wizard, I get a program prototype which I hack on until I find nirvana.

Is there a script that I can run that will compile my effort and add it to the core?

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Re: build scripts

Post by yrenard »

Dear cybin,

I'm afraid it is not clear what you want. If you want help from the community, try to clearly state the problem you are facing, what you expected and what did not work as you expected... Then maybe someone will be able to answer.


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