Stimulation Setting in Matlab Script

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Stimulation Setting in Matlab Script

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Hi, I have read the tutorials about the matlab script box ,but I have one question:how to set the time point when the stimulation is sent. What is the meaning of arguments of the function :

stim_set = [stimulation; box_in.clock; 0];

For example ,I have a signal buffer to send whose samples_per_buffer is 15,and I want to send the stimulation with the second sample in the buffer,what should I do? :D
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Re: Stimulation Setting in Matlab Script

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the start_time and end_time for OV_addOutputBuffer() should specify the interval of the data block in question. The second value in the stim_set is the actual time stamp of the stimulation. You'll need to figure out the exact time your second sample corresponds to. Then, the stim_set time stamp should be inside the interval of start_time and end_time. For example, the sinus tutorial sets the timestamp of the sent stimulus equal to the end_time of the block.

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