Using the GDF file reader/writer

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Using the GDF file reader/writer

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Hello! I am new to Open vibe and I am trying to create a scenario based on your example the neurofeedback scenario. I have sucessfully changed the input to my aquisition client and can view real time signals - What I am now trying to do is record these in a gdf and then be able to review them...... I have added the GDF file writer...and it seems to create a file, but when I then try use the gdf file reader as a source it is blank....I am probably missing some elementary setting or format for the file, or perhaps putting the box in an incorrect position?.... Ive also tried the CSV output and the same happens. Please can someone help.

Thanks Jarrod

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Re: Using the GDF file reader/writer

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Does the created file have a file size that is different from zero?

It could be that you selected some channels by index, e.g. channels 0, 3 and 7 and only saved those in the file. If you then read from that file and you again select the channels with indices 0, 3 and 7, this will fail as there are only three channels in the file.

It could also be caused by something else and for this reason it could be useful that you attach the scenario that you've made and the designer log file, located in the dist/log directory.

Best regards,
Dieter Devlaminck

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