Exists there something like a "Baseline correction box" ?

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Exists there something like a "Baseline correction box" ?

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Dear OpenVIBE developers,

I was looking for a way to remove a pre-stimulus epoch from a subsequent task epoch (in order to do a baseline correction) in the OpenVIBE designer. I could not find such a box in the designer and thought of the following workaround: define two stimulus based epochs with different times for pre-stimulus and post-stimulus epochs. However, I could not manage to bring the results together. I tried the "Signal Merger" and the "Feature aggregator" box, but the former seems to require simultaneous streams and the later is just designed for the purpose of classification (I would like to have this box also for feedback scenarios). Just to assure, that I'm not missing something: Is there another way to use existing boxes for the online baseline correction ?

Just to discuss a little bit about the design and implementation of such a "Baseline Correction Box": The box should receive as a first parameter a signal stream from a (post-)stimulus epoch and as a second parameter the baseline information (one value for each channel), already calculated by a separate pre-stimulus epoch box. Would this work ?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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