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Settings handling

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to save the changes you make with the toolbar of the SignalDisplay box (bottom ruler, multiview, ...), so that the user would have no changes to make when he has found the best view for his display.

I thought about doing it with settings, using the parameters in the SignalDisplayView. Exporting my settings to the toolbox works.
I also added a "save" button to the toolbar (in SignalDisplayView) and got the parameters I needed in SignalDisplay.
However, I cannot use the setSettingValue function (I tried using it during uninitialize), and therefore cannot save the configuration of the toolbar because of the bridge bind functions (it only returns false).

This triggered 2 questions :
- Why is it this way ? ie what do we want to avoid ?
- How can I save the toolbar's parameters without using settings ?

Thank you for your help !

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