Saving files

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Saving files

Post by Lorena »


I have 2 requests:

- On one hand, I see that the Generic Stream Writer saves the files in a predetermined path with the recording time on its name. Could be possible to add here the subject´s name as well in the file's name? This would make easier identifying to which subject corresponds each recording (maybe the subject's name could be imported from the acquisition server as experiment information, in this case, it should be added to the information required in this module when the qcquisition starts).

- On the other hand, if there is subject's information available (name, age, etc. from the acquisition server, for example), could this information appear printed over the signal displayed using the 'Display Signal' box?

Thanks for taking into account our needs :)


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Re: Saving files

Post by lbonnet »

Hi Lorena,
Recovering the subject name and other experiment information from the corresponding input stream could be nice, however it may be a little bit too specific to be worth the work; I'm not sure... The experiment info stream is not used very often (at least in my case; but I don't really know if it's the case for other people :)).

I let the official dev team decide if they want to keep in mind this feature request ;)
Meanwhile, here is a suggestion to manage your experiments with the existing tools:

You can set in the Generic Stream writer box settings the filename of your EGG file.
The default filename is:
it includes pre-defined configuration tokens that are automatically expanded at runtime:
- $core{date} > current date (y.m.d)
- $core{time} > current time (h.m.s)
example : record-[2013.02.11-15.51.48].ov

The list of predefined configuration tokens can be found here.
This page is worth reading to understand how to use such configuration tokens, pre-defined or user-defined.

As you can see, there is no "subject name" token, but you can create your own token for that purpose, in a configuration file.
For example:

Code: Select all

SubjectName = John_Doe
SubjectID = 12
Can be used in the boxes as:

Between experiments, you can change the subject name and ID in the configuration file; it will automatically be used in the boxes when you open the Designer, thus changing the filename. One drawback : If you change any token in a configuration file, you must restart the Designer for the changes to be taken into account.

For your second suggestion, it could be indeed a nice feature to develop. The signal display would have a new input (experiment information), and if something is received it could display a sort of banner on top of the signal.
However I think the Signal Display box is a bit hard to "hack in", if you're not already used to openvibe & gtk coding.

The Inria dev team is currently updating their roadmap (as you may noticed in the website news, they recruited several engineers).
If you want to keep track of these (and maybe future) feature requests, you can register to the bugtracker ( and post feature requests.
They will be listed here for them to be notified, and for you to keep track.

I hope this helped a bit
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