Bug report: Epoch driver hangs and quits

Making & changing hardware drivers in Acquisition Server
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Bug report: Epoch driver hangs and quits

Post by juxachim »

Hi, I'm not suure where to post bug reports but the Epoch driver sometimes hangs with this message, and the aquisition server needs to be restarted to get it working again.

[WARNING] After 1.022 seconds, theorical samples per second does not match real
samples per second
[WARNING] Received : 260 (0x104) samples
[WARNING] Should have received : 131 (0x83) samples
[WARNING] Drift was : 129 (0x81) samples (49.61%)
[WARNING] Added : 0 (0x0) samples (0%)
[WARNING] Removed : 129 (0x81) samples (49.61%)
[WARNING] The driver obviously tried to correct this difference
[WARNING] Please submit a bug report (including the acquisition server log fil
e or at least this complete message) for the driver you are using
[ INF ] Disconnecting.
[ INF ] Application terminated, releasing allocated objects

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Re: Bug report: Epoch driver hangs and quits

Post by yrenard »

Dear juxachim,

did you disconnect the acquisition server manually or did it self-disconnect ?
  • If you did disconnect it, then the estimation of the drift is not reliable on such small amount of time (and we probably should check this before sending warning messages :) )
  • If the Acq Server self-disconnected, then the reason is to be investigated. Still the amount of time for reliable drift estimation is not reached.

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