Connect mindset with openvibe

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Connect mindset with openvibe

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Hi..I had a problem with connecting mindset to mindset is install in com port 8 and 9..but in openvibe acquisition server, the connection still getting failed eventhough it had check through com 8 and 9..i am currently doing this project for my final year project..can anybody help me please with this problem..a step by step guide will be very appreciate..hope to hear something from you guys..Thanks..

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Re: Connect mindset with openvibe

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same problem here, also posted here viewtopic.php?f=5&t=598&p=7541&hilit=mindset#p7541
in Nov. 2011 already.

COM3 and COM4, NeuroSky Apps are working fine, so does the Connector from Neurosky which is using COM3 without any problems.

If somebody need logs, diag, tests let me know.

NeuroSky Mindset connected via BT on COM3,4 on Windows 7 X64

Greets Sven

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