Drivers as plugins in the AS?

Making & changing hardware drivers in Acquisition Server
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Drivers as plugins in the AS?

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Is it possible load acquisition drivers as plugins. This is possible with boxes. You can create a dll that contains several boxes and then it will loaded by the Designer thus allowing you to use these boxes. Can the same thing be used for drivers? Can I create a separate C++ project that contains my drivers, produce a dll and then this dll be loaded in the AS?

This will help distributing drivers to other teams without forcing them to recompile their AS.


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Re: Drivers as plugins in the AS?

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Dear toncho11,

it is not currently possible to have such mechanism. This was a desired behavior to maximize the number of contributions for the acquisition server. And indeed, there has been much more contributions for the acquisition server than for any boxes so far.

This said, it is not a big challenge to have a plugin based architecture based on the existing classes. Abstraction of most of the communication between the driver and the acquisition server is already done :)

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