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adding a Box -

Post by jamesLocal »


I need to add a box to the OV designer,

Just imagine i created a C++ file that displays the text "Hello people" on a window (using gtk+), and i want to add it as a Box in the designer. how do i do that?

i got 2 file, example.cpp and a example.h file. and both these files are added to the ..\trunk\openvibe-plugins\simple-visualisation\trunc\src location. and i have to a new box in the ovp_main.cpp file, and assume its done as this;


you also have to define a class ID, and is generated by executing dist/test-id-generator.cmd script, but i am not sure where to place it.

Is there anything that i have missed here? or what else should i do to get Box added to the designer ?

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Re: adding a Box -

Post by bpayan »

Hello jamesLocal,

You have given all step to make a new box.

Create files .h and .cpp for your box. This documentation can help you for the contain: ... ithmHeader

Declare the new box in the ovp_main.cpp.

For the class ID, you can define it in your .h, but it's better to define it in the file ovp_defines.h.

To finish, don't forget to configure your file openvibe.conf to show unstable boxes.

I hope this helps.


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Re: adding a Box -

Post by jamesLocal »


Well, i am still having some problems;

I want to create a sample Box first, that would simply display a text on a window.

so this is what i did (See attached files), and i am not sure of how to add the class ID to the ovp_defines.h file.

Could you check the Sample Box files that i have created, and alter it if there's any modifications to be made ?


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Re: adding a Box -

Post by yrenard »

Dear jamesLocal,

your class descriptor should tell the kernel what class it is able to create. It should also create it when requested to.

This is the role of the getCreatedClass and create functions of the descriptor that you commented out.

Additionally, you have to declare the descriptor to the kernel. See any of the ovp_main.cpp files to have an idea how this is done. I also suggest that you read the dedicated documentation pages about how plugin system works.

Kindest regards,

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Re: adding a Box -

Post by sofTesla »

Hello, I'm currently having the same problem. I've followed the step by step explanation given in this tutorial ... ssing-box/ , made some arrangements for my box to build, added the .h and .cpp files to my local repository. I made sure to declare my box in the ovp_main.h file using #include for the header and OVP_Declare_New() for the macro. I made sure the ovp_define.h file is correctly pointed at in my .h file and also included the line Designer_ShowUnstable = true in my openvibe.conf file.

As the box didn't still appear in my designer, I tried commenting the lines where the unstable tag was created by skeleton generator, but it's still no good. What could possibly be missing?

I would attach the files, but don't find the option. My openvibe version is 2.1.0 and I'm new to this software.

Hope you can help me,


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