Mac OS X compiler?

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Mac OS X compiler?

Post by slorenz »

As a Mac user, I would love the ability to run/modify OpenVibe natively in Xcode rather than running Windows Vista in Parallels. This, of course, drastically reduces the runtime for OpenVibe on my machine, so it would be great to take advantage of OS X's Unix capabilities. Any plans to be implement mac-dependencies and mac-build scripts in the near future?


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Re: Mac OS X compiler?

Post by lbonnet »

Hi Sean !

Sorry but as we don't have any Mac in our team, we didn't start any development for the Mac OS platform.
This is not in our short term todo-list, so I'm afraid you will have to wait... or contribute ;-)

Best regards

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Re: Mac OS X compiler?

Post by easz »

i am also interested in using OpenVibe on Mac OS.
I saw a lot of OpenVibe's code having such definition block.

Code: Select all

#if defined TARGET_OS_Windows
 #define Socket_OS_Windows
#elif defined TARGET_OS_Linux
 #define Socket_OS_Linux
#elif defined TARGET_OS_MacOS
 #define Socket_OS_MacOS
 #warning "No target operating system defined !"
It seems that the OpenVibe (at least the core part) is implemented for Mac OS as well. Isn't it?

I wonder if the code could be compiled if I add IF (APPLE) and proper configs in every CMakeLists.txt. Some drivers which are only available in windows or linux would be excluded from the compilation.

Any advice?

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Re: Mac OS X compiler?

Post by jlegeny »

Hello easz,

some parts of OpenViBE indeed take OS X into account but these are only very basic defines and structures. A lot of other things must be implemented first, such as the dependency installation. Some of the dependencies are not directly supported on OS X (such as the OIS which only works on 32bit OS X as far as I know).

Compiling pure OpenViBE on a Mac should be possible, however it will certainly take some time to get it working.


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Re: Mac OS X compiler?

Post by yrenard »

Dear easz and jozef,

OpenViBE has been reported to compile by a few users in the past. Surely it took some time to set up the dependencies but most if not all of the remaining OpenViBE code should compile just fine. If you want to save some time for such work, avoid compiling Ogre and its dependencies. You will lose 3D functionalities of OpenViBE and VR demos, but you will also save headache on these low level and very platform specific dependencies.

Or - you could use parallel or virtual box with Linux or Windows ; I do that almost every day and it works just fine !

Hope this helps,
Best regards,

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Re: Mac OS X compiler?

Post by andraderenew »

Dear all:
I want to know after having installed dependencies for MAC OSX how can I build OPENVIBE? doesn't seem to be ready for that because it verifies dependecies folder as it is done in ubuntu.

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Re: Mac OS X compiler?

Post by Thomas »

Hi Rene,

Yes the build scripts are limiting to some distributions at the moment. As far as I know, no work has been done to build OpenViBE on OSX so you will have to hack the install_dependencies and build scripts, and maybe install some dependencies manually.

Let us know how you get on.


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