Control the acquisition server from command line

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Control the acquisition server from command line

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I am doing my final carrer project and I am adapting some parts of openvibe, it would be great if I could launch openvibe entirely from the command line. I know that this is possible for the designer application but, is there a way to start the acquisition server from the command line entirely?, I mean with not having to press the "connect + play" buttons. Is there a way to not show that dialog box either ?

I've been looking for the question on the forum but I haven't seen any information about it.

The only thing I found was in the changelog for version 1.0 (viewtopic.php?p=14066) it said:

"- Applications: Acquisition Server autoplay via config token"

Does that functionality still exist?
How could I use it?

I am using windows openvibe version 3.1.0 (64bit) and I can compile from source if needed.

Great software by the way.

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Re: Control the acquisition server from command line

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Regarding the launch by command guest, the config file only allows you to define the driver options and the last driver used. It is not currently possible to launch it only in command prompt (without gui and in auto play). But it's a feature that could be interesting. I note it in the todo list.

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