Artifact amplitude box settings

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Artifact amplitude box settings

Post by m.casso-echalar »

I just wanted to ask whether the max voltage that we can set on this box has to be in millivolts (mV) or microvolts. I'm asking because this is not explicitly specified in the box description and mV can be interpreted both ways?
Thank you for helping me w this noob question,

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Re: Artifact amplitude box settings

Post by Thomas »

Hi Isabel,

Looking at the code, there is no notion of unit. The max voltage value is used as is, and simply compared to each sample received from input signal:
IF sample > maxVoltage --> artifact detected!.

Therefore, if your input signal is in microvolts, set the max voltage setting in microvolts, and if the signal is in volts set the max voltage in volts too...

Hope this helps.


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Re: Artifact amplitude box settings

Post by Thibaut »

HI, I confirm. It's directly the values without conversion or scale unit.
In the epoch if one sample (the absolute value) is over the MAX Value selected, the epoch is not passed (more option must come for exemple send an epoch with all 0)

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