Invoke Python Classifiers from OpenVibe

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Invoke Python Classifiers from OpenVibe

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Hello there,

I have implemented a couple of python scripts for the following purposes:
1. Invoke python's Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Principle Component Analysis (PCA) functions from OV scenario
2. Invoke python's Autoregressive Coefficients calculation functions from OV scenario
3. Invoke python's pyplot function to display ICA/PCA data for each epoch

I am pretty comfortable with OpenVibe Source as well as Python functions usage.

However, my next requirement is to invoke python's classifiers from OV.
Is it possible to do it? Could you please give me some pointers if it is possible?


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Re: Invoke Python Classifiers from OpenVibe

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With the OV version 3.0.0 you have in contrib pybox boxes wich use sklearn classifier.

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