Displaying the CSP filter/pattern

Working with OpenViBE signal processing scenarios and doing scenario/BCI design
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Displaying the CSP filter/pattern

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I am using the scenarios from the motor-imagery-CSP example to train a CSP on left & right motor imagery.
The training runs fine and I am able to open the configuration file containing the filter weights for each electrode.
I was wondering if there is a way to display either the CSP filters of the CSP patterns in OpenVibe using this configuration file containing the CSP weights as can be seen classically in CSP publications such as Blankertz et al (2005) :
I tried to go about this using the 3D topography and 2D topography boxes but they seem to require signal as an input.
Would this be possible using OpenVibe ?

Thank you for reading :)

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Re: Displaying the CSP filter/pattern

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To simplify the CSP allows to create a matrix which makes it possible to pass from a space of N dimension to M by maximizing the differences. The result following this matrix is a space of M fictitious electrodes from your N real electrodes. It is difficult in my opinion to just say these are weights for each electrode and one picture is enough to display them. The real question is how do they heat map them from this matrix.

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