undefined symbol: _ZN4itpp3MatIdE8set_sizeEiib

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I builded Openvibe 3.0.0 in Linux mint 19 Tara and fail in motor-imagery-CSP/mi-csp-2-train-CSP.xml
The execute crashed after 7 minutes:

[WARNING] Box Graz visualization [(0x00dd290d, 0x5f142820)] should be updated
[WARNING] Scenario requires 'update' of some box(es). You need to replace these boxes or the scenario may not work correctly.
[ INF ] Initialization took 1564 ms
[ INF ] At time 431.234 sec <Box algorithm::(0x00004125, 0x0000536f) aka CSP Spatial Filter Trainer> Received train stimulation - be patient
/home/nahuel/Downloads/Openvibe/openvibe-3.0.0-src/dist/extras-Release/bin/openvibe-designer: symbol lookup error: /home/nahuel/Downloads/Openvibe/openvibe-3.0.0-src/dist/extras-Release/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN4itpp3MatIdE8set_sizeEiib

Can you help me?

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Re: undefined symbol: _ZN4itpp3MatIdE8set_sizeEiib

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I don't know this unix system version, I'm not sure with the compatibility of this version of unix system.
But the first warning can be avoïd with rightclick on this box and select update.

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