Openvibe and Unity

Working with OpenViBE signal processing scenarios and doing scenario/BCI design
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Openvibe and Unity

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Hi everyone. I am very new to Openvibe and virtual reality, and I'm trying to build a BCI in order to modify a virtual enviroenment in Unity according to the classification output.
To start, I have used the tutorial "rolling ball" that receives an LSL input from unity and moves the ball accordingly to the sinus generated by the box 'sinus oscillator'. I then tried to modify this to use a marker, and not a signal (I tried keyboard stimulation or clock stimulation) but I did'nt manage to import the LSL stream into unity. Does anybody know how to do it? how are markers sent (int, bool, etc)?
Do you think it is better to use the VRPN connection? In case, can anybody give me an example of C# code, in order to import the output of a classifier into unity through VRPN?
I really thank everyone who will help me, these might be easy questions but I am really at the beginning and don't know how to move.
Thaank you a lot.

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Re: Openvibe and Unity

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I have had 2 tutorial games with unity, (one revceive signal and marker, second send signal and marker)
And you have in openvbie 3.0.0 the 2 associated boxes.

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