Box generation problems

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Box generation problems

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Dear OpenViBE-Community,

I'm planning on making a double-blind study using OpenViBe, therefore one should not see, whether the first box is the Acquisition Client or the GDF reader. But after renaming the boxes, the original box name still appears on top of the new name in smaller letters. Therefore, I tried remaking the boxes with the Skeleton Generator, just with new names.
But somehow I cannot execute the install_dependencies.cmd during the building process:
I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong. Tried to execute it in the windows command line - where I get an error saying it is "syntactically impossible". I would be really grateful for any suggestion on how to install the dependencies for the compiling process.
Or is there maybe any simpler solution to this renaming problem, than generating new boxes and recompiling?

Thanks already in advance - any answer is appreciated!


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Re: Box generation problems

Post by Thomas »

Hi Lisa,

This is strange that the install_dependencies.cmd script does not work. It is difficult to tell why without more info. Could you copy the exact error message you get from your console ?

Did you get the source code from git, or did you download the source archive?

I am not aware of another way yo hide the name of a box unfortunately.


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