Error while working with .gdf files

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Error while working with .gdf files

Post by m.casso-echalar »

While trying to work with datasets in the .gdf format I obtain the following error in the console:

[ ERROR ]At time 0.000 sec <Box algorithm::(0x000054c7, 0x00000df1) aka GDF file reader> Could not open file [C:/Users/mcasso/Documents/OpenVibe/BCICIV_gdf/calib_1a.gdf]

[ ERROR ] {Error description} : {Box algorithm <GDF file reader> initialization failed}, {Error type} : {ErrorType::Internal (code 2)}, {Error location} : {C:\ovm-m\sdk\kernel\src\kernel\player\ovkCSimulatedBox.cpp::105}

[ ERROR ] {Error description} : {Failed to initialize player}, {Error type} : {ErrorType::Internal (code 2)}, {Error location} : {C:\ovm-m\sdk\kernel\src\kernel\player\ovkCPlayer.cpp::212}

[ ERROR ] The player could not be initialized.

All the scenarios and files I'm working with, are located in the Documents folder of the user
I tried working with .ov files, and I don't get this error in the console

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Error while working with .gdf files

Post by Thomas »


Thank you for your post.

Could you please provide the GDF file(s) you tried working with so that I can test them too.


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