Display image until keypress

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Display image until keypress

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I am new to this forum and to OpenViBe. I am designing an experiment where people are asked to read some text while their EEG is recorded.

I would like to show an image containing the text by using the Display Cue Image box, and let the image last on the screen until the subject presses any keyboard key.
Is it possible to implement? If so, how?

Thank you very much for any help!


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Re: Display image until keypress

Post by Thibaut »

Yes, you can make your "wait screen" first and next with a timeout box set to 1 (the minimum value) you can set the good stimulation to display your "wait screen". It's the simpliest way without script.
If you use lua script during your protocol to manage the time for exemple you can send at the beginning your stimulation and don't use the timeout box.

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