HELP! Openvibe+OpenBCI - 20 s delay using LSL

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HELP! Openvibe+OpenBCI - 20 s delay using LSL

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I'm using OpenBCI Ganglion and OpenBCI_GUI in combination with OpenVibe.

I tried streaming data using LSL protocol to OpenVibe Acquisition Server, and the results were horrible - there was a delay in signal display around 20s (in OpenVibe Designer using the signal display box). I have tried this with Python and there was no delay, so there might be something wrong with the Acquisition Server. Does anyone have an idea why the LSL protocol might be a problem, and how to fix it?

OpenVibe version: 2.2.0 ( 64bit)
OpenBCI_GUI version: 4.1.6 (64bit)
OS Windows 10.

Thank you,
Jelena :)

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