OpenViBE+OpenBCI Ganglion

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OpenViBE+OpenBCI Ganglion

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I'm using OpenBCI Ganglion and OpenBCI_GUI in combination with OpenVibe.

I tried streaming data using LSL protocol to OpenVibe Acquisition Server, and the results were horrible - there was a delay in signal display around 20s (in OpenVibe Designer using the signal display box). Also, in the OpenVibe Acquisition Server, I tried selecting OpenBCI as the Driver, but I'm using Ganglion (4 electrodes) so I think that is why it won't recognize the port (since the default are 8 or 16 electrodes). Does anyone have an idea why the LSL protocol might be a problem, and how to fix it?

OpenVibe version: 2.2.0 (32bit)
OpenBCI_GUI version: tried with many versions, the 32bit won't even start the LSL, it just freezes! (Windows 10)

Thank you in advance,
Jelena :)

Edit: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10090 here is my new post about this issue.

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