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Windows installer

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Dear Openvibe team

I've downloaded the Openvibe source code and modified parts of the code to test some properties of the matrix speller and everything looks fine. I would like to create a Windows installer (*.exe) file so that I can install my modified Openvibe codes on other Windows machine. Could you please tell me how to do that? Also, any chance to do it on Linux machine?

Thank you very much


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Re: Windows installer

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Hello Jim,

The OpenViBE installer on Windows is created by the NSIS script packaged with the source code. You will need to install the zipdll package as well as the AccessControl module. To create the installer you can simply recompile the code and compile the nsis script.

For the time being there is no way of doing this on Linux as different distributions have too much differences. Note however, that you can simply copy and paste the whole openvibe folder as long as it is on a same distribution and within the same folder.


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