Send data to Unity using OSC controller

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Send data to Unity using OSC controller

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Hello, all.

I want to send the data of P300 Speller to Unity and synchronize the data transfer with the P300 Speller created in 3D on Unity, but I can not send data from the OSC controller to Unity.
Although Unity and Unity can communicate without problems, Openvibe does not send data to Unity. Is there any solution?
I just want to make P300 Speller synchronized with OpenVibe and Unity.

I uses p300-speller-1 -quisition and connects the Acquisition client to the OSC controller via a Stimulation connection.

The test environment is tested on the same PC with Windows 10.
Unity 2017.4.1f1
OpenViBE 2.20
OSC説明画像.png (26.26 KiB) Viewed 3918 times

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