DSP box to calculate ERD

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DSP box to calculate ERD

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I wanted to use a Simple DSP box to calculate ERD (A-B)/A, but since these powers come in at different timestamps the box prints out an error: {Invalid chunk dates (disable this error check by setting Plugin_SignalProcessing_SimpleDSP_CheckChunkDates to false)}

How can I disable this error, or is there an alternative way to do what I'm trying to do?
Thank you!

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Re: DSP box to calculate ERD

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Hummmm, How you use it ? your inputs are two file ?
This error is useful, OpenViBE processes the information when it arrives if at one time an input sends information but the other does not send anything, it can not calculate the output. If you work on the combination of two files synchronize them before (putting them same time stamp).

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