device drift is too high

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device drift is too high

Post by RadhaKumari »

I am using LSL for accepting LSL stream from Open BCI GUI. The drift is too high and keeps increasing, doesn't stop increasing, can go to 1700ms and still increases. What is the problem here? And is there a solution? I assumed LSL is good for time-synchronization, but this demonstrates otherwise. My problem is in recorded data and online processing, wouldn't the data be late, is there a way to check this?
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Re: device drift is too high

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with 1700ms shift you can use a signal display and tap one electrode near 2s of delay you see this directly if it's true.
I did not dig the code of the acquisition-server yet I can not be a big help for driver and acquisition issues.

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Re: device drift is too high

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I think, you can select OpenBCI then connect and play. With SELECTING LSL, I faced a lot trouble. Select PORT COM1 and it will fix the problem.


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