Spectral Power Density from Epoc+: most basic example

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Spectral Power Density from Epoc+: most basic example

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What are the steps and box configurations needed to get spectral power densities from epoc+? I have been getting the Unexpected EOF error from generic stream reader when I put my CSV in. Does Generic stream reader convert to .ov? I could find no "Convert" box. I have had success with motor-imagery-bci-0-signal replacing Acquisition Client from with CSV reader--and I can see the data. But when I put the CSV reader (and i've tried generic stream reader) in the other motor imagery CSP scenarios, I am flooded with errors like no reference electrode, unexpected EOF.

So can't I put CSV reader in places the acquisition client would go? The Acquisition server specifies the number of electrodes and reference, correct? So I would need a reference box and a channel select box? What are the specific parameters needed to supplement an acquisition server (online method) with a CSV reader (offline). It seems like all the demos and content is about online analysis, which is great, but CSVs are the only thing I have access to now.

Best case answer: a screenshot of a basic spectral power density design (not cutting off the top or bottom half) and a description of the parameters that need to be changed to read CSVs in this way.

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Re: Spectral Power Density from Epoc+: most basic example

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At first glance, your csv is not formatted in the "OpenViBE Style" you can simply test a scenario with a sinus oscilator and a csv writer to see how it records the csv. For the EOF you probably have a return line too much or less (I do not remember)

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