receive stimulations after restart of Designer

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receive stimulations after restart of Designer

Post by barten6 »

I Need to receive Keyboard stimulations also after stopping and resuming designer-Operation.
Certainly, this can be done by clicking on the kbd-stim Window to activate it.
To be able to automatize Stimulation-controlled designer-Operation, however,
1. kbd-stim Windows must be the active window after start of designer-Operation (> Icon)
2. kbd-stim must be reactivated after clicking around in the designer (eg for changing Parameters in a signal Display box).
How can this be achieved best in a way not requiring Manual interaction with the Screen?
would appreciate your advice!
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Re: receive stimulations after restart of Designer

Post by nfoy »

I'm afraid there is no other solution that clicking on the kbd-stim window to receive keyboard inputs in the running scenario. This is due to how the keyboard stims were originally designed.
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