the same question for reading GDF

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the same question for reading GDF

Post by stone »

Date files are from BCI Competition 2008 Graz data set B
When files were read,the warning was
Can't handle GDF files with channels having different sampling rates

The file is too large(3M) , it is not available for attachment.
The other contact?such as mail

Xiao-ou Li

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Re: the same question for reading GDF

Post by lbonnet »

Hello stone, welcome on board !

OpenViBE does not support EEG data with channels having different sampling rates.

But here is a lead that could help you :
GDF files can contain information of various sources (example: EEG and ECG data), in the same file. Of course in this case you have good chance of getting different sampling rate for each source.

Maybe you could edit your GDF file (Sigviewer, from Graz, can do that) to be sure that you have only EEG data in it.

Hope this helps !

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Re: the same question for reading GDF

Post by asrinivasan »

Hi, I too would like to read this dataset from the BCI Competition, and I after reading some other posts I found that "BCI competition IIIb reader" is a module in Openvibe.
My question is, I recently downloaded Openvibe 0.9 and installed it, but I do not see this module uner "file reading and writing." I've tried it on Windows 7 as well as XP, but this module isn't present anywhere. Any pointers on where this could be?

I guess my second question is, can this module be used to read said dataset, or any dataset from the BCI competition website?

Thank you

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Re: the same question for reading GDF

Post by yrenard »

Dear asrinivasan,

the BCI Competition IIIb Reader box is flaged as Unstable. In order to make it available in OpenViBE, please read this FAQ entry I want to use "partially supported" boxes but they do not appear in the designer box tree.

Hope that helps,

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