Possible to embed FFT on Cyton OpenBCI board ?

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Possible to embed FFT on Cyton OpenBCI board ?

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Dear openvibe creators,
First congrats for building such a great software that allows inexperienced neurophysiologist to explore eeg analysis.

I wish to perform an EEG analysis (very simple alpha theta delta beta band power) embedded in an acquisition hardware, that then will send the results (and only the band power, not the EEG raw data) instantaneously to a tablet.
I’m using a recent OpenBCI cyton board (great board, I recommend) which works perfectly with openvibe. I wrote a scenario to calculate the band power of interest and see the results instantaneously on my laptop with Openvibe. Great !!
I saw that some openBCI members (Hassan Albalawi) succeeded in similar project with python coding but it looks very complex for me.

Because of the drift of openBCI cyton board (EEG raw data) and some packet lost (raw eeg data) and because I want to use cyton in a noisy environment (magnetic and electric and 50Hz noise), I wish to embed this scenario on the cyton board, which then will send the band power results (10 seconds windows) to a tablet.

Is it feasible for a newbee ?
Is it possible to compile the scenario (in python ?) and load it on the MCU cyton board ? I know that there will be still some code to write to interface cyton firmware and the scenario as well as to reprogram cyton output. I understood that the PIC32MX250F128B microcontroller in cyton has enough power and memory.
Thanks for help ! or idea !

Xavier Drouot
Poitiers University
Head of sleep lab at University Hospital of Poitiers France

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Re: Possible to embed FFT on Cyton OpenBCI board ?

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Sériously. I think it's impossible, I explain.
The board conain the hardware and a software to manage component. Next, you use in OpenViBE the Acquisition server to translate your signal received by the OpenBCI card. Finally, OpenViBE designer use this signal to make his process. The scenario is used only with the designer.
If you wan't to hack the openBCI card software it's dangerous and often impossible (maybe the constructor propose some tools to make some stuff. I'm not on low level development as driver and hardware so I never used and make experiment with all material existing^^).

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