Emotiv EPOC+ Compatibility newest SDK

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Emotiv EPOC+ Compatibility newest SDK

Post by Antoine »


I plan to buy an Emotiv EPOC+.

On this page, it's written that:
Only the SDK version v1.0.0.4 is currently supported. Compatibility with newer SDKs is unknown.
Has anybody managed to use OpenViBE with newer SDKs?

(according to previous messages on the forum, no, but I'd like to be sure.)

If OpenViBE is incompatible with the EPOC, is there a way to change the raw data format (EDF with EPOC) to achieve compatibility?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Re: Emotiv EPOC+ Compatibility newest SDK

Post by gserrier »

Hi Antoine,

From my side, I was able to compile with the of the sdk. So yes, it's possible.

The procedure should work. If not, you will have to compile OpenViBE from the source, but the operation is simple. And if you need help, we will be there.


PS: in version 1.0, the epoc only works in windows. But in the next release (v1.1), the support for gnu/linux will be add.

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Re: Emotiv EPOC+ Compatibility newest SDK

Post by alter »

Hello gserrier,

Please be so kind and tell me how you succeed to connect the acquisition -server to the sdk community driver, the emotiv released.

Many thanks.

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