[ERROR] with Emotiv Research

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[ERROR] with Emotiv Research

Post by rafaeldalazen »

Hi everyone,

I followed this instructions to try to do the connection between OpenVibe and Emotiv Epoc: http://openvibe.inria.fr/how-to-connect ... -openvibe/ .

But I have a problem,as can see below:

[ERROR] [INIT] Emotiv Driver: Failed to get the environment PATH.

I'm using the Emotiv Research v., can anyone help me?

Best regards,
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Re: [ERROR] with Emotiv Research

Post by jtlindgren »

Hi Rafael,

it seems that there is a bug in our code. If you press 'connect' before having updated the Emotiv path to point to the correct location, it looks like the process will unset the PATH environment variable. For us, a workaround seems to be if you quit the acquisition server, change the emotiv path to point to the correct location, and only after that press connect.

Does this work for you?


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Re: [ERROR] with Emotiv Research

Post by mmccart92 »

I've also been trying to connect my EMOTIV research addition to OpenVibe, however I'm using version and Open Vibe doesn't seem to recognize the Emotive folder. Could this be a compatibility issue with the new version of the Research SDK? Or does the path need to be directed to the dll folder in the Research Edition folder?
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Error message
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Re: [ERROR] with Emotiv Research

Post by jlegeny »

Hello mmccart92,

Indeed it could be a problem with the API itself, OpenViBE is currently compiled only with the 1.0.0.x series of the SDK, it is possible that Emotiv did make some breaking changes in the v2.

We will look into this.


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