OpenVibe and Mitsar eeg amplifiers

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OpenVibe and Mitsar eeg amplifiers

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Hi! :)
If you can’t connect the Mitsar amplifier to Open Vibe using mitsar driver here’s an instruction how to make it using LSL driver:
1. Run Mitsar Data studio software and open new examination.
2. Start eeg input.
3. Select add-on menu and click LSL output.
4. Start openvibe-acquisition-server
5. Select LSL in drivers list.
6. Click driver properties.
7. Check if here is Mitsar in signal stream and click apply.
8. Click Connect and then click Play.
After a successful launch, you can work with openvibe-designer
This method should work with all Mitsar amplifiers that work with the Eeg Studio software with the LSL output function.

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Re: OpenVibe and Mitsar eeg amplifiers

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Thanks for your contribution.

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