Openvibe 2.2.0 filters

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Openvibe 2.2.0 filters

Post by arnau »

Hi all,

I work in a project where we use Openvibe 2.2.0. and we have a couple of questions regarding the acquisition server application. Hopefully someone in this forum may be able to help us.

Question 1: Are the acquisition servers bench test? Did anyone performed frequency swept test on them?
Explanation: We run a swept frequency test with 10Hz carrier frequency and 1Hz to 10Khz swept modulated frequency. On the image ... sp=sharing you can see we find a mirror effect on 256Hz. Does anyone face the same problem?

Question 2: does anybody know if its possible to update the filters of the acquisition server (under: .\openvibe\applications\acquisition-server\filters) without recompile the acquisition server application?

Thanks a lot for your help!

General information:
Host: Ubuntu 18.04
virtual macahine: Virtualbox
Virtual OS: Win10 64 bits
software: Openvibe 2.2.0
Amplifier: 16 ch Vamp from BrainProducts

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Re: Openvibe 2.2.0 filters

Post by Thibaut »

1) It's hard to test in CI a connection with a non existing hardware.^^ We launch some test but the acquisition server are not enough tested.
2) the filters xxxxx.bin are not compiled juste copied, I think there are make with python but i don't know by who and when.

Code: Select all

from scipy import signal
N = 200
signal.firwin(N, cutoff= 256./(0.5*2000.), window='hamming').tofile("f64_2k_512.bin")
signal.firwin(N, cutoff= 128./(0.5*2000.), window='hamming').tofile("f64_2k_256.bin")
signal.firwin(N, cutoff=  64./(0.5*2000.), window='hamming').tofile("f64_2k_128.bin")
N = 2000
signal.firwin(N, cutoff=2048./(0.5*20000.), window='hamming').tofile("f64_20k_4096.bin")
signal.firwin(N, cutoff=1024./(0.5*20000.), window='hamming').tofile("f64_20k_2048.bin")
signal.firwin(N, cutoff= 512./(0.5*20000.), window='hamming').tofile("f64_20k_1024.bin")
signal.firwin(N, cutoff= 256./(0.5*20000.), window='hamming').tofile("f64_20k_512.bin")
signal.firwin(N, cutoff= 128./(0.5*20000.), window='hamming').tofile("f64_20k_256.bin")
signal.firwin(N, cutoff=  64./(0.5*20000.), window='hamming').tofile("f64_20k_128.bin")

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