Problems Compiling OV under Windows to Add MATLAB

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Problems Compiling OV under Windows to Add MATLAB

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I am attempting to re-compile OpenVibe under WindowsXP for the purpose of adding MATLAB capability. I have added the program location of MATLAB to the win32-dependencies file and removed REM from line 229 of win32-int_env_command.cmd. I ran the win32-install_dependencies application and chose the MS 2010 C++ Compilation Platform which is what is installed on the machine as a compiler. I am running the program from the C: root to prevent filename errors. I am using version 0.9.0-svn2639-src source files.

The build runs fairly smoothly until near the very end when I get a CMake Error:
CMake Error: The source directory "C:/openvibe-0.9.0-svn2639-src/local-tmp/ECHO/
ECHO" does not exist.

This error seems to correspond with the echo %OpenViBE_plugin_matlab% >> %OpenViBE_build_order% command created when I removed the REM command in Line 229 of

I am stumped as to how to get past this issue and get a compiled version with the MATLAB button under "tools." The goal is to use MATLAB to perform various signal preprocessing scenarios not available natively in OpenVibe. I have posted my files and the output from the win32-build.cmd.

Any ideas you could provide on resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

Outstanding open source software BTW.

Win32-Buld Output.txt
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Re: Problems Compiling OV under Windows to Add MATLAB

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Dear rjoh,

thank you for your interest in OpenViBE and welcome on this forum. Thank you for your kind comments as well !!

I'm afraid the Matlab plugin is not included in the source package. This is why this plugin is not found when you insert it in the build order. You will have to download the sources from the SVN repository ; for this you can use e.g. TortoiseSVN which integrates very well with the Windows Explorer. The build process and SVN related info can be found from the Installation Page of the OpenViBE documentation.

By the way, Jozef is currently preparing the upcoming 0.10.0 release. The SVN may be unstable. In case it breaks anywhere else than the Matlab thing you are trying to compile, please just wait 15 minutes and try to update the repository ;)

Can you tell us more about what you are trying to do / doing with OpenViBE ?

Hope this helps,

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