OpenVIBE compiliation errors under [Linux]

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OpenVIBE compiliation errors under [Linux]

Post by rramele »

Dear Friends !

Thanks for the great work with OpenVIBE. I am eager to see it working !!!

I am having some problems compiling the dependencies for the 0.9.0 and trunk versions under linux. First some problems with outdated download URLs that can be fixed quickly, but I am having some problem with the pango compilation:

/OpenViBE/openvibe/tags/0.9.0/scripts/software/lib/ undefined reference to `_xcb_lock_io'
/OpenViBE/openvibe/tags/0.9.0/scripts/software/lib/ undefined reference to `_xcb_unlock_io'

I kept trying with different versions of xcb and pango but none seems to work. Any suggestion ? Is there a way to skip pango and use the application anyway ?

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Re: OpenVIBE compiliation errors under [Linux]

Post by yrenard »

Dear rramele,

thank you for your interest in OpenViBE and welcome on this forum. Would you please accept to tell use more about you and what you plan to do with OpenViBE ?

About the dependencies installation problem on Linux, installing them from sources is not encouraged and is almost not maintained. I strongly encourage you to install them from native packages on an officially supported distribution such as e.g. Ubuntu of Fedora. This will obviously need root access on your machine but I assume you have them, right ? ;) This page of the FAQ lists the supported versions of Linux you should turn to.

I hope this helps,

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