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Simplistic Muse File Reader

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 4:33 pm
by baffo32

Here is a patch implementing a preliminary file reader for .muse files produced by the Muse Monitor application for Android phones. Code is released to the public domain.

Re: Simplistic Muse File Reader

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:27 pm
by jtlindgren
Hi Baffo, sorry for the suuuuuper late response, its been quite busy here.

I merged your patch to openvibe branch wip-contrib-muse-reader so interested hackers can have a go at it. This makes it one step easier to use the box as people don't have to figure out which openvibe version the patch corresponds to etc.

A few comments,

- to keep the code maintainable, it'd be good to have access to the file that was used to generate parts of the code in the patch
- google protocol buffers (protobuf) didn't have a version on Ubuntu 16.04 that'd allow compiling your patch. Also, it seems there's no prebuilt Windows binary of the lib.

If these things can get sorted out I could consider making the reader part of the OpenViBE master/release. At the moment I don't have time to implement ov custom build of the protobuf etc.

Thanks for the contribution to the community!