How do communicate OpenViBE with other App

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How do communicate OpenViBE with other App

Post by gibfen »

Hello everyone!

I was wondering how can I use a generated data ('Signal Stream') in OpenViBE to "control" other application (eg: bloc note on Windows).

Let's say that the 'Signal Stream' generated in OpenViBE has a sample frequency of 128 Hz, but it only has several fixed values: -1, 0, 1.

So, the idea is when I have a '-1' in that 'Signal Stream' i want to write in bloc note a string like "bad". If I have a '1' i will write "good". If I have a '0' I won't write anything.

The purpose is not using the bloc note, but I think it is a convenient start to understand how to deal with these communication. Next step would be, using that data in a videogame that Emotiv provides for testing. Really, no clue how to do this...

I will appreciate your help :)


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Re: How do communicate OpenViBE with other App

Post by jlegeny »

Hello gibfen,

OpenViBE can indeed communicate with external applications, as long as they support VRPN connection. You can look at this tutorial: ... plication/

other methods can be implemented as well by using the script boxes, such as the Lua box (for example you could use Lua sockets to communicate with your application).


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