Adding New Stimulation Codes

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Adding New Stimulation Codes

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Hi Thibaut!

I have managed to fix things up such that I can successfully send the stimulation codes of my choice to the Acquisition Server. I am wondering if there is a way to add new stim codes or change the descriptions of the stim codes on my local version of OpenVibe.

I took a look at the page at and it says:
Note: Although OpenViBE does not restrict what numbers can be used as stimulations, in practice the OpenViBE Designer GUI elements only allow those stimuli that have been declared to the OpenViBE kernel’s Type Manager via a C++ call.

Could you please explain what this means? Does it mean that I would have change the source code to include any new codes / modified description and recompile OpenVibe on my pc (which is way beyond my ability)? I was hoping there is some script I can execute or text table/file I can modify which would add new codes with their description or modify the existing codes descriptions.

Your input would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Adding New Stimulation Codes

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Hello, Indeed, you must recompile locally with your own stimuli and code but I STRONGLY INADVISABLED. For some of them it's standard stimulation (for example it's compatible with biosig toolbox), and for community sharing it can be really a problem if you make some custom stimulations. (and we LOOOOVE share here^^).

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