using emotive epoc+ for motor imagery csp scenario

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using emotive epoc+ for motor imagery csp scenario

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I have read in many threads in this forum that since emotive epoc+ doesn't have the proper set of electrodes on the motor cortex region it is not possible to use it (using its standard positioning) to do motor imagery. (it gives bad accuracy)

since I'm not an expert in EEG hardware or electrode positioning I want to know:

1.If anyone was successful in getting a good online accuracy (65%<) in the csp motor imagery scenario by modifing the positioning of the headset and/or modifying the scenario in any way or anything that would have raised the accuracy?

2. My adviser is insisting we use the epoc+ since it is wireless and portable does anyone know about a EEG headset that is wireless and portable AND it's possible to do motor imagery experiments with?


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