Mixing matlab, openvibe and motor imagery

Working with OpenViBE signal processing scenarios and doing scenario/BCI design
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Mixing matlab, openvibe and motor imagery

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I would like to incorporate Matlab and Openvibe to carry out 2 class Motor imagery BCI. A little bit background for my study.

I used Openvibe for creating scenario to get the brainwaves and extract Epochs for further processing in Matlab for offline CSP training(again in Matlab). After getting the coefficients of the spatial filter, this time i used the partitioned Test data(from k fold cross validation) to calculate overall performance. For feature extraction i used the Band power(variance) , further classsification was done by LDA in matlab again. Thus eventually i had label "1" for Left and "2" for Right.

The question arises here. I would like to implement these labels in online handball session.

1. What is the shortcut way of doing this in openvibe?

2. If i need to suppress one of the process in Matlab described above, at which stage i should link Matlab output back to Openvibe?

3. If i just need to interpret labels predicted in Matlab into Openvibe, what is the easiest way?

4. Is there any way to incorporate weights of CSP into cfg. file automatically?

I am stucked, your generous help would be very much appreciated.

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