Eye blink detector using Emotiv EPOC

Working with OpenViBE signal processing scenarios and doing scenario/BCI design
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Eye blink detector using Emotiv EPOC

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Hi there,

I'm trying to build a scenario for an eye blink detection. I'm running Openvibe on Windows 10.
I'm a novice to neuroscience and signal processing, but have been experimenting with Emotiv EPOC and Openvibe for a while now.
The convereted CSV from emotiv is not directly usable so i made necessry changes that is Openvibe readable.

Since i observe significant peaks in the F7 channel: My scenario has a channel selector rejecting all other channels except F7 for this purpose.
Signal display displays the F7 channel activity.
I have also added a bandpass filter that cuts of frequencies other than 2-4Hz range.
I compute the band powers and averages as per the pipeline in other tutorials.
I added a feature aggregator to store the feature vector elements resulting from all above processing.
Futher, a classifier trainer was added to train signal characteristics received due to the blink.

My problem is that, I'm unable to find the file where my trained classifier data is stored. I'm not even sure if the file is being generated.

I have selected OVTK_GDF_Eye_Blink in the stimulation based epoching filter.

Can you please help me?
Appreciate your time and guidance.


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