Apparatus & speller?

Working with OpenViBE signal processing scenarios and doing scenario/BCI design
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Apparatus & speller?

Post by yoshi »


I am yoshiki takeuchi.

I am from Japan.

Although inquired this time about the system which supports
homepage creation for a visually impaired person by the graduation
thesis of a university, how to use openvibe speller is not known well.

Since the translation site of the network is used, it turns out that you
have spoken in English, but there are many portions which cannot be
understood by the mistranslation of the text or a translation site, and there are now.

Although I used open vibe speller and it thinks that the system which
transcribes a cerebral signal will be made, it does not understand at all
what kind of apparatus should be arranged.

Furthermore, how much money will be required to download open vibe speller?

In Japan, even if it investigated information, including BCI, BMI, etc., in a network, books, and a paper, it did not have an intelligible thing.

Please let me know.

Please give me connection by

Thank you for your consideration.

It is praying for there being a divine protection of God to you from the bottom of its heart.

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Re: Apparatus & speller?

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Hello yoshi,

openvibe speller works reasonably well when you have at least 8 electrodes on the scalp, mostly in the occipital region: Pz, Oz, O1, O2, O7, O8, CPz, Cz, etc.

A new, more complete tutorial on P300 is now available here: ... -openvibe/

Of course, the openvibe platform, including the p300 speller is completely free of charge :)


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