type of sampling frequency

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type of sampling frequency

Post by Amélie »

Hello all,

a new question about a choice in Openvibe acquisition server : why is the sampling frequency an integer ? Why not a float32 for example ?
Some acquisition devices can propose non-integer sampling frequencies, so a drift is introduced (but the drift correction manages this well).

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Re: type of sampling frequency

Post by yrenard »

Dear Amélie,

this was indeed a mistake at the very beginning of the developments.

In other projects, sampling frequency is usually represented either as a a single integer that gives the time between two samples, or with two integers representing the sampling frequency but in the form of a fraction. (floats are usually left away, or just used for convenience and human readable messages)

As you can imagine, it is hard to correct this issue now. Maybe OpenViBE 1.x or OpenViBE 2.x will break compatibility and update this kind of mistakes of the early ages but it is not likely to happen very soon.

Hope this helps,
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