How to add a new driver

Making & changing hardware drivers in Acquisition Server
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How to add a new driver

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I am a beginner to this software.Now I met a problem .
I did like the "Tutorial1:Creating a new dirver for the acquisition server"said,using the OpenViBE-skeleton-generator-dynamic.exe to get the .h and .cpp file as expected.But when I try to register the driver to the acquisition server, I found that there was no folder named 'trunc' in the share/openvibe-applications/acquisition-server!!! There were even no .h and .cpp files(.i.e ovasCAcquisitionServerGUI.cpp) in all my folders which were created when the software was installed.
I wonder if I loose some source codes or anything else.

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Re: How to add a new driver

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Hello Shelldream,

source code files for the acquisition server are in the OPENVIBE/openvibe-applicaitons/acquisition-server/trunc/src/, not in the share folder. Of course you will need to either download the source code archive or the SVN repository to access these files.


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