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Run Command

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Dear Jussi,

I'm happy to say that I've manged to conduct my first experiment with Openvibe so many thanks for all your help.

Now I am trying to make the procedure more user friendly and I do have some issues that require your assistance:

1. My procedure is build from several programs in the designer, I am trying to set one main program that will call the rest-
as you can see in the main.xml the problem is that the "run command" open the xml file in notepad and not in the open
vibe designer.
2.When using the "clock stimulator" or the key board stimulation to generate stimulation to open a ppt file, the file is opened
yet until closing the ppt file the designer cann't continue with the rest of the program (it just stuck) see attached open
fft file for example.

3. is there a way for me to protect the program so that the user couldn't change them?

Many thanks again,
Open fixation ppt.xml
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Re: Run Command

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you can't automatically replace a scenario in designer. You can look at the ssvep examples how to use run command to launch background tasks. Thinking on it, even the run command tutorial should do that.

Usually how designer is used in non-research situations is to launch different scenarios from the command line, make them stop automatically and hide the UI. See the command line options. Hiding the UI 'protects' the scenario.


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