Basic question - how temporal filter box works

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Basic question - how temporal filter box works

Post by kyunghowon »

Dear all,

Hello. I want to clarify a basic algorithm when using [temporal filter] box.

Now I desigend scenario with [aquisition server] -> [time based epoching] -> [matlab scripting box]

Most signal processing is done in [matlab scripting box].

I considered using [temporal filter], but small questions appeared.

I know that temproal filter will filter as much as epoched data passing through [time based epoching] box

when I design scenario as [time based epoching] -> [temporal filter].

On the other hand, when I design scenario as [temporal filter] -> [time based epoching],

how [temporal filter] works? only filtering as much as chunck size? or sliding window?

Sorry, it seems very basic question, but I could not find the answer here and documentation :(

Maybe I missed something.

Best regards,

Kyungho Won

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Re: Basic question - how temporal filter box works

Post by jtlindgren »

Hi, afaik temporal filter has a state that evolves over time. When a new chunk is obtained, the previous state is used, the chunk is filtered and the state is updated.

That said, I definitely recommend using the temporal filter before any epoching operations. This way the risk of artifacts due to noncontinuous chunks is removed.


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