Display different EEG wavebands (alpha, beta...)

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Display different EEG wavebands (alpha, beta...)

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Hi all,
i am newbie of openvibe. I try to find a box for displaying different EEG wavebands. Is there a box for that purpose available?
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Re: Display different EEG wavebands (alpha, beta...)

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Hi Thinh,

I'm not aware of a box that allows you to display EEG bands (delta, theta, alpha etc.) separately. The signal display box simply displays the whatever the incoming EEG stream is i.e. if you have four electrodes, then it will display the signal it receives from those electrodes. To be able to "see" the bands, you'll have to filter the signals through the Temporal Filter. You can use multiple temporal filters and separate the incoming signal into the respective bands.

Hope this helps.



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